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Intercom and Camera systems


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At AVO Marine Systems Limited, our goal is to create durable, long lasting products.
We have provided systems to services, companies and organisations around the globe that operate in the harshest environments, needing the reliability that we offer.

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We supply an 8 channel intercom unit that consists of the following:

TC4008 - Master unit

TC4001 - Internal unit

TC4002 - External unit

TC4003 - Noisy environment unit

TC4004 - Privacy unit

TC4005 - PA interface


Our units can also act as a two way intercom, select the two units best suited for your needs and they can operate as a talkback system.


We provide two types of robust camera:

VRCC - Rugged camera

VSCC - Streamline camera

QS94 - Quad switching viewer unit


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